l_pl moon panton poulsen 6

Pendant lamp “moon lamp” by Verner Panton 1965. Original production by LOUIS POULSEN, Denmark. Offwhite pained sheet metal. Measures 35 cm in diameter. SOLD

k_nelson contura miller teak 7

Sideboard by George Nelson c.1958 for HERMAN MILLER, USA. Produced by CONTURA. Teak wood, aluminium pulls and nickel plated steel base. Good condition. Measures 169 cm wide x 82 cm high x 47 cm deep. SOLD

k_kjersgaards 386 teak 5

Chest of drawers by AKSEL KJERSGAARD, Denmark c.1960. Teak wood. Very good condition. Measures 69 cm high x 59 cm wide x 35,5 cm deep. SOLD

l_lp01 caccia dominioni azucena brass 6

Armchair lamp “LP01” by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, 1979 for AZUCENA, Italy. Brown leather and brass. Good condition. SOLD

l_pl murano vistosi grey red 1

Murano glass chandelier by VISTOSI, Italy c.1958. Good condition. SOLD

l_tl acrilica colombo white oluce 1

Table lamp “Acrilica” by Gianni Colombo and Joe Colombo, 1962 for OLUCE, Italy. Old edition in white in good condition, some minor scratches to the acrylic. SOLD

l_tl kd27 colombo kartell w 4

Table lamp “KD27” by Joe Colombo, 1966 for KARTELL, Italy. Very good condition. Measures 23 cm in height, 25 cm in diameter. SOLD

l_stl spider colombo w oluce 6

Floor lamp “Spider” by Joe Colombo, 1966 for OLUCE, Italy. Old edition in used condition. Measures 146 cm high. SOLD

k_philippon lecoq bofinger 5

Wall hanging sideboard by Antoine Philippon and Jacqueline Lecoq, 1958 for BOFINGER, Germany. Cherry wood and white laminated doors. Used condition. Measures 180 cm wide x 55 cm high x 45 cm deep. SOLD

l_stl roll de lucchi bieffeplast 7

Luminator “Roll” by Michele de Lucchi, 1980 for BIEFFEPLAST, Italy. Good condition. Measures 188 cm high. SOLD

l_wl sun fiberglass 2

Wall lamp from the 1950´s, probably german origin. Fiberglass shade and brass fixture, black paint. Measures 54 cm in diameter. SOLD

d_mirror italy cesana 2

Mirror by Cesana&C, Italy c.1960. Massive walnut. Measures 63,5 cm x 63,5 cm. SOLD

t_fk196 kastholm fabricius kill wenge 10

Desk “FK196” by Jørgen Kastholm & Preben Fabricius, 1964 for KILL INT., Germany. Wenge veneered top and case, formica drawers, flat-bar steel. Carefully restored: honed wenge wood, oiled and wax-polished. Measures 180 cm wide x 90 cm deep x 70 cm high. SOLD

t_ct wegner tuck rosewood 2

Coffee table by Hans J. Wegner, 1954 for ANDREAS TUCK, Denmark. Rosewood and nickel-plated base. Measures 170 cm wide x 44 cm high x 60 cm deep. SOLD


k_afdal bruksbo rosewood 4

Credenza by Torbjørn Afdal, 1963 for BRUKSBO, Norway. Rosewood and brass. Measures 200 cm wide x 85 cm high x 48 cm deep. SOLD

l_stl cocoon tripod 2

Unknown floor lamp from the late 1950´s. Tripod base, brass ball joint, cocoon shade. SOLD

l_tl jucker bauhaus 5

Table lamp by Carl Jacob Jucker, designed 1923 at the BAUHAUS Weimar, Germany. Produced c. 1975 by IMAGO DP, Italy. SOLD

l_tl coupe colombo oluce sw 7

Table lamp “Coupé” by Joe Colombo, 1964 for OLUCE, Italy. Black painted and chromed metal. Old edition. SOLD

l_wl foglio castiglioni nickel 7

Pair of wall lamps “Foglio” by Tobia Scarpa, 1966 for FLOS, Italy. Nickel-plated, inside white painted. Strong patina. SOLD

l_tl perspex brown tulip 1

Table lamp by MARTINELLI LUCE, Italy c.1968. Shade, consisting of 2 layers of acrylic, can be adjusted in height. SOLD

d_ceramic vessels schlotz 1

Hand-turn ceramic vessels by Martin Schlotz, Germany 2016. SOLD


Pendant lamp c.1955, attributed to STILNOVO, Italy. White and black painted glass, brass. 30 cm diameter. Good condition. SOLD


Floor lamp by Pitt Müller, Germany c.1955. Brass bade, bamboo pole, fabric shade. Very good condition. SOLD


Armchair “AX” by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard Nielsen, 1950 for FRITZ HANSEN, Denmark. Double-curved laminated wood, beech and teak. Very good condition. SOLD



Floor lamp “1055” by Gino Sarfatti, 1955 for ARTELUCE, Italy. 2 spots, black painted, chromed pole, black wrinkle-painted base. Very good and original condition. SOLD



Credenza by Florence Knoll, c. 1948 for KNOLL INTERNATIONAL, USA. Walnut veneered body, black painted metal base, leather door handles and fleece covered sliding doors. Measures 183 cm wide x 78 cm high x 46 cm deep. Good used condition. SOLD

t_nesting frattini cassina red 1

Nest of tables “780/783” by Gianfranco Frattini, 1966 for CASSINA, Italy. Red laquered wood, reversible plastic laminate top (black/white). Used condition. SOLD

t_coffee brass bog oak 1

Unknown coffee table c. 1960. Flush-mounted brass feet, table top restored and veneered in bog oak. Measures 109 cm wide x  64,5 cm deep x 34 cm high. SOLD

k_sideboard hvidt soborg teak 2

Sideboard by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen, 1956 for SØBORG MØBELFABRIK, Denmark. Solid teak, tambourin doors. Very good condition. Measures 166 cm wide x 87 cm high x 48 cm deep. SOLD

k_cabinet hvidt soborg teak 1

Cabinet by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen, 1956 for SØBORG MØBELFABRIK, Denmark. Solid teak, brass. Perfect condition. Measures 90 cm wide x 94 cm high x 48 cm deep. SOLD

k_shelf freeform ash 1

Freeform shelf, unknown production. Germany, c.1965. Ash wood. Measures 235 cm long x 58 cm high x 22/52 cm deep. SOLD

l_wall titty twister perspex 1968 athena 1

Wall object from Germany, signed and dated “ATHENA 1968”. Metal frame, clear orange-coloured and white perspex. Good condition. SOLD

t_architect oak resopal 10

Unknown writing desk, Germany c.1960. Light-grey-blue resopal, oak wood. Measures 140 cm wide x 70 cm deep x 73,5 cm high. SOLD

t_nesting walnut glass WK 1

Unknown nesting tables, Germany c.1958. Walnut and white glass. Good condition. SOLD

l_stl sarfatti 1055 arteluce 3

Floor lamp “1055” by Gino Sarfatti, 1955 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Chromed and black painted metal. Adjustable spot. Very good condition. Measures 188 cm high. SOLD

l_tl sarfatti 540P arteluce pair 2

Pair of table lamps “Mod. 540/P” by Gino Sarfatti, 1968 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Clear perspex, white painted aluminium. Rotating shade. Can be hooked on the wall. Measures 22 cm high x 12 cm wide x 12 cm deep. SOLD

l_stl jota ennio chiggio lumenform 4

Floor lamp “Jota” by Ennio Chiggio, 1970 for LUMENFORM, Italy. Chromed metal pole and reflector, black wrinkel-painted iron base. Reflector slides along the pole to adjust height. Measures 185 cm high. SOLD

l_tl maurer spirale 5

Table lamp “Spirale” by Ingo Maurer, 1965 for DESIGN M, Germany. Opal glass, chromed metal. Measures 56 cm high, 30 cm in diameter. SOLD

l_dl LSP6 Azucena Caccia Dominioni brass 2

Pair of ceiling lamps “LSP6” by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, 1965 for AZUCENA, Italy. Frosted glass, brass. Measures 35 cm in diameter, 13 cm high. SOLD

k_secretary 70 2 iversen vinde teak 7

Secretary desk “Mod.70” by Arne Wahl Iversen, c.1960 for VINDE MØBELFABRIK, Denmark. Partly solid, partly veneered teak wood. Top can be pulled out. Very good condition. Measures 103 cm wide x 83 cm high. SOLD

l_stl sugarcone travertine 3

Unknown floor lamp, Germany c.1960. Travertine base, brass pole and fixing, mint-green fabric shade. Good condition. SOLD

l_tl oslo pfaender hillebrand 7

Table lamp “Oslo” by Heinz Pfaender, 1962 for HILLEBRAND, Germany. Nickel-plated metal, grey painted base and shade. Shade rotates to horizontal or vertical position. Good condition. SOLD

l_pl carlo nason mazzega 3

Murano glass chandelier by Carlo Nason, c.1968 for MAZZEGA, Italy. Opalescent murano glass. Perfect condition. SOLD

l_pl sona carlo nason lumenform 11

Pair of lamps “Sona” by Carlo Nason, 1973 for LUMENFORM, Italy. Iridescent mouth-blown glass, chromed metal. Can be used as a pendant or table / floor lamp. Measures 48 cm in diameter. SOLD

l_wl rupprecht skrip coconut 3

Wall lamp by Rupprecht Skrip, Germany c.1960. Teak wood, coconuts, original shades. Long arm 160 cm length, short arm 110 cm length. SOLD

l_tl oscar torlasco lumi milano 1

Table lamp by Oscar Torlasco, 1955 for LUMI, Italy. Patinated brass. 37 cm high. SOLD

l_dl spot stilnovo 6

Ceiling lamp, Italy c.1965. 3 adjustable spots, brass and painted aluminium. SOLD

l_wl reggiani 2

Wall lamp by REGGIANI, Italy, c.1968. 3 chromed disks. SOLD

l_lp01 caccia dominioni azucena 4

Lamp “LP01” by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, 1979 for AZUCENA, Italy. Brown leather, brass. SOLD

l_tl ostuni 243 oluce 10

Table lamp “mod. 243” by Angelo Ostuni and Renato Forti, 1953 for O-LUCE, Italy. Brass and painted aluminium. Shade can rotate and be adjusted in height. Measures 47 cm high, 28 cm in diameter. SOLD