4-colored lightin object “Mosaico” by Theodor Neumeier, c.1975 for LAMPERTI, Italy. Acrylic blocks, color discs, light tube. Blocks can be arranged in different patterns. Measures 30 cm high x 19 cm wide x 6.5cm deep. Very good condition. SOLD


Floor lamp “1055” by Gino Sarfatti, 1955 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Very good and complete original condition with light signs of usage. SOLD

Table lamp “6556 idell” by Christian Dell, c.1930 for KAISER LEUCHTEN, Germany. Beautiful patina, good condition. Production around 1950´s. SOLD

Lighting object “Mosaico” by Theodor Neumeier, c.1975 for LAMPERTI. Acrylic blocks, color discs, light tube. Blocks can be arranged in different patterns. Measures 30 cm high x 19 cm wide x 6.5cm deep. Very good condition. SOLD

Large articulated wall light by Rupprecht Skrip, c.1958 for SKRIP LEUCHTEN, Germany. Teak wood, coconut weights. Very good and original condition. Measures 160 cm longest arm, up to 180 cm wide, 100 cm high. SOLD

Mobile by Sven Hugo Karlsson, Denmark c.1965. 67 cm high. Very good condition. SOLD

Ultra rare table lamp “Mod. 516” designed in 1948 by Gino Sarfatti for ARTELUCE, Italy. Original condition. Loss of paint and slight corrosion, shade slightly deformed, brass structure very good. SOLD

Unknown table light from the late 1950´s. Brass base, dark red-orange shade in good condition. SOLD

Large pendant lamp “Mod.1187” by Gaetano Sciolari, c.1956 for STILNOVO, Italy. Complete original with all brass parts. Glass body can be adjusted in angle. Measures 65 cm in diameter. Very good condition. SOLD

Table lamp “Scherenlampe” by Dorothee Becker and Ingo Maurer, 1968 for DESIGN M, Germany. Height can be adjusted between 45-70cm. Very good condition. SOLD

Two cabinets made by WK, Germany c.1960. Birch wood and grey formica. Good condition. 220 cm wide x 72 cm high x 45 cm deep. SOLD

Fantastic credenza by Franz Xaver Lutz, c.1962 for DEUTSCHE WERKSTÄTTEN, Germany. 3 single units joined by flat bars in polished steel, rosewood top. Good condition. SOLD

Two serigraphs by danish artist IB GEERTSEN, signed and numbered, from 1991. Good condition. 77 cm high x 59 cm wide. SOLD

Table lamp “6840” by Christian Dell, 1950´s for KAISER IDELL, Germany. Good condition. SOLD

Anonymous table lamp from the 1960´s, possibly french. Bent metal strips. Good condition. SOLD

Two chairs “DeWe Stuhl” by Richard Riemerschmid, 1919. Original production by DEUTSCHE WERKSTÄTTEN HELLERAU. Armchair in fantastic grained oak, dining chair beautiful patinated beech. Very good condition. SOLD

Low chair “Frog” by Piero Lissoni, 1996 for LIVING DIVANI, Italy. Woven leather straps, grey painted metal base. Very good condition.  SOLD

Floor lamp “387” by Tito Agnoli for O-LUCE, Italy. Here a rare version with a different base in nickel-plated metal, executed in the 1960´s for a short term. Good condition. 188cm high. SOLD

Table lamp “243” by Angelo Ostuni & Renato Forti, 1953 for O-LUCE, Italy. Brass, painted aluminium. Shades turns and is adjustable in height. Good condition. SOLD

Famous slat bench by Harry Bertoia, 1952 for KNOLL INTERNATIONAL, USA. Rare 208 cm version, out of production. Black steal wire, massive teak slats. Very good condition. SOLD

Floor lamp “Pelikan” by J.T.Kalmar, c.1950 for KALMAR, Austria. Brass arm can be hung in in 6 different positions to adjust heigt of the light. Good condition. SOLD

Ultra-rare floor lamp “1097” by Gino Sarfatti, 1960 for ARTELUCE, Italy. SOLD

Floor lamp made by KAISER LEUCHTEN, Germany, c.1965. White ceramic base with a white glass globe. Very good condition. 130cm high, 49cm in diameter. SOLD

A pair of table lamps “Cartuccia / mod.12445” by Angelo Lelii, c.1954 for ARREDOLUCE, Italy. Strong patina, no damages, complete original condition. SOLD

Set of four “Wire Chairs” by Ray and Charles Eames, 1951 for HERMAN MILLER, USA. Produced by VITRA. 4 cushions with grey fabric included. Good condition. SOLD

Desk “Mod.80” by Arne Wahl Iversen, c.1960 by VINDE MØBELFABRIK, Denmark. Very good condition. Measures 144 x 73 x 73 cm. SOLD

Tray table by Svend Åge Willumsen and Hans Engholm, 1958 for FRITZ HANSEN, Denmark. Tray to be taken off, base can be folded. Teak wood. Very good condition. SOLD

Floor lamp “FS” by Peter Nelson, 1962 for ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING, England. High quality executed aluminium parts. Very good condition. SOLD

Visor sconce by Vittoriano Vigano, c.1955 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Brass parts with patina, white painted shade with traces of usage. SOLD

Pendulum by artist Arnulf Hoffmann from 1968. Marked in the metal “AH 68”. Good, original condition. SOLD

Serigraphy by Carlos Cruz-Diez from 2011. Signed, dated and numbered 7/50. Very good condition. Measures 61×43 cm. SOLD

Two japanese woodblock prints by Clifton Karhu, from the series “Kyoto homes” published by UNSODO, Japan in the 1980´s. Paper yellowed. Each measures 30×40 cm. SOLD

Table lamp “Saffa” by Dieter Waeckerlin, designed in 1957 for the “Schweizerische Ausstellung Für Frauenarbeit”, porduced by SWISS LAMPS ZURICH, Switzerland. Rare black and white edition in very cood condition. SOLD


Floor lamp “1055” by Gino Sarfatti, 1955 for ARTELUCE, Italy. 2 spots to be articulated. Very early production with grey wrinkle painted base. SOLD

Table lamp “Glatzkopf” by Ingo Maurer, 1981 for DESIGN M, Germany. Solid metal base, pole can be adjusted in 3 different positions, shade sits on the globe bulb. Very good condition. SOLD

Set of nesting tables by Severin Hansen, 1960 for HASLEV MØBELSNEDKERI, Denmark. Very good condition. SOLD

Children´s desk “1560” from the Planner Group by Paul McCobb, 1955 produced by WINCHEDON FURNITURE, USA. Solid maple wood in good condition. Measures 120 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 64 cm high. SOLD

Table lamp “569N” by Gino Sarfatti, 1956 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Black and white painted aluminium, nickel-plated brass, wrinkle-painted base. Very good condition. 28cm high. SOLD

Wall object “contructed wall sculpture grey”, 2019 by DEREK J. WILSON. Thrown and hand-built with grey engobe. 38 high x 30 cm wide x 12 cm deep. SOLD

“Ess-Tee-Tisch” by Jürg Bally, 1951 for WOHNHILFE ZÜRICH, Switzerland. Table can be adjusted in different heights from 40-69,5 cm, 100 cm in diameter. Massive oak, teak veneered top. Adjusting handle has been redone. Good condition. SOLD

A pair of wingback chairs by Albert Haberer, designed 1949, executed by HERMANN FLEINER, Germany. Cheery wood and leather in beautiful, patinated condition. SOLD

Set of 4 chairs “SM08” by Cees Braakman, c.1958 for UMS PASTOE, Netherlands. Rosewood, Sky, nickel-plated metal. Good condition. SOLD

Ultra rare pair of pendant lamps designed by Architect Rudolf Schwarz in 1952-1955 for the festival hall Gürzenich in Cologne. Produced by Jakob Overzier. Perspex and brass. SOLD

Table lamp produced by LUMI, Italy c. 1958. Often attributed to Oscar Torlasco. Beautiful lilac-grey color when switched off, rose when switched on. 53 cm high, 28 cm in diameter. Glass perfect, signs of usage to the nickel plated pole and top. SOLD

Table lamp “Spider” by Joe Colombo, 1967 for O-LUCE, Italy. Brown painted metal, chromed pole. Very good and original condition. SOLD

Table lamp “Mod. 586” by Gino Sarfatti, 1962 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Chromed aluminium shade, adjustable in angle. 24 cm high. Good condition. SOLD

Table lamp from the 1950´s, probably scandinavian or austrian origin. Brass and leather, redone shade with a silk wool fabric. Very good condition. SOLD

Set of six dining chairs “Mod. 78” by Niels Otto Møller, 1962 for J.L.Møllers, Denmark. Bent teak wood and grey-green wool cord. Very good condition. SOLD

Bureau by Gianfranco Frattini, c. 1964 for BERNINI, Italy. Dark wood, leather and flat sheet metal. Extractable plate and rolltop. Measures 110 cm wide x 101 cm high x 60 cm deep. Good condition. SOLD

Extending dining table “Pedestal” by George Nelson, 1956 for HERMAN MILLER, USA. White formica laminated top. Measures 183 cm wide x 102 cm deep x 72,5 cm high. 2x extending leafs each 50 cm wide are stored in the table to make a possible extend of 283 cm wide. Good condition. SOLD