Pair of wall lights “LP6” by Ignazio Gardella, 1955 for AZUCENA, Italy. Measures 22 cm high x 22 cm deep x 18 cm wide. Very good condition, one lamp with small loss of color. SOLD

Lounge chair “King chair” by André Vandenbeuck, c. 1962 for STRÄSSLE INTERNATIONAL, Switzerland. Chair swivels and tilts. Brown leather in very good condition. SOLD

Extending dining table by George Nelson, c. 1952 for HERMAN MILLER, USA. White formica, white painted base. Measures 107 cm in diameter, extends to 153 cm length. SOLD

Telescope floor lamp by MARTINELLI LUCE, c. 1965. Adjustable height from 90 – 200 cm, bulb fixing rotating. Very good condition. SOLD

Massive teak wood chest by Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard Nielsen, produced by SØBORG MØBLER, Denmark c. 1960. Good condition with signs of usage. SOLD

Pair of stools / side tables designed by Karl von Appen for the staging of Bertolt Brecht´s play “Turandot – Kongress der Weisswäscher” at the Berliner Ensemble, c. 1965. Massive oak wood. Strong signs of usage. SOLD

Table lamp “298” by Ostuni & Forti, c. 1962 for OLUCE, Italy. Shade rotates to both sides to direct angle and amount of light. Measures 16 cm high and 14 cm in diameter. Good condition. SOLD

Stool by Niels O. Møller, c. 1962 for J.L MØLLERS, Denmark. Solid wood, black leather. Very good condition. SOLD

Wall lamp “Foglio” by Aura & Tobia Scarpa, 1966 for FLOS, Italy. Rare version in brass, very good condition. Measures 38 cm wide x 21 cm high x 12 cm deep. SOLD

l_tl ostuni 243 oluce 4_s

Table lamp “243” by Angelo Ostuni and Renato Forti, 1953 for OLUCE, Italy. Red painted shade, black sliding pole, brass base and pole. Good condition with nice patina. SOLD



Lighting object “Tulpa” by Claudio Salocchi, 1971 for LUMENFORM, Italy. Marble, acrylic, nickel-plated metal. 86 cm high. SOLD

l_tl brass modernist terracotta 1

Unknown table lamp from the late 1950´s. Shade can be adjusted in angle. Very good condition. SOLD

l_stl agnoli 387 oluce 1

Floor lamp “387” by Tito Agnoli, 1954 for OLUCE, Italy. 1st edition. Good condition. SOLD

l_tl calla angelo lelii arredoluce 10

Table lamp “Calla” by Angelo Lelii, 1950 for ARREDOLUCE, Italy. Painted brass, marked with impressed manufacturer´s stamp. Measures 84 cm high x 48 cm wide. SOLD

Ultra-rare table lamp / floor lamp “569” by Gino Sarfatti, 1956 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Black and white painted cylindric body, grey painted base. Rotating and tilting. Very good condition. SOLD

l_tl 275 zanuso oluce grey

Table lamp “275” by Marco Zanuso, 1963/1965 for OLUCE, Italy. White acrylic shade, grey painted base and arm. Original period piece with old Oluce paper label. Very good condition. SOLD

k_dieter rams 606 vitsoe wenge 1

Wall-hanging sideboard “606” by Dieter Rams, 1960 for VITSOE, Germany. Black bodies and tops with a massive Wenge wood front edge. Each part measures 40 cm high x 36 cm deep x 65 cm wide. SOLD

k_norreklit rosewood sigurd hansen 1

Sideboard by Poul Nørreklit, 1960 for SIGURD HANSEN, Denmark. Measures 300 cm wide x 73 cm high x 45 cm deep. Good condition. SOLD

l_pl pill bruno gatta stilnovo 1

Pendant lam “Pill / 1104” by Bruno Gatta, c.1955 for STILNOVO, Italy. White frosted glass, brass fixture. Measures 52 cm in diameter. Original ceiling part in brass. SOLD

l_tl moernist green 1960 1

Unknown modernist table lamp, c.1960. Rotating shade. Good condition. SOLD

l_stl sarfatti 1055 arteluce w 1

Floor lamp “1055” by Gino Sarfatti, 1955 for ARTELUCE, Italy. White painted body, chromed pole, white wrinkle-painted base. Adjustable in height and rotating. Good condition. SOLD

l_tl oslo hillebrand pfaender 1

Table lamp “Oslo” by Heinz Pfaender, c.1960 for HILLEBRAND, Germany. Rotating shade. Very good condition. SOLD

k_rotating bookshelf 20s wenge 1

Unknown bookshelf, c. 1920´s, made of massive wenge wood. Book case rotates on the base. Fair condition. SOLD

l_tl 298 ostuni oluce 1

Ultra-rare table lamp “298” by Ostuni & Forti, c. 1962 for OLUCE, Italy. Shade rotates to both sides to direct angle and amount of light. Measures 16 cm high and 14 cm in diameter. Good condition. SOLD

l_tl 298 ostuni forti oluce 5

ss_solo seat muller van severen 1

“Solo Seat” by Muller Van Severen, 2012 for VALERIE_OBJECTS, Belgium. SOLD

l_stl lumen modernist brass marble 1

Large floor lamp by LUMEN, Italy, c.1955. Diabolo shade with 2 bulbs, rotating and adjustable in angle. Pole can be adjusted in angle. Heavy quality with strong signs of usage. Marble base. Measures 190 cm max. height, 120 cm max. wide. SOLD

l_tl saffa waeckerlin idealheim 5

Table lamp “Saffa” by Dieter Waeckerlin, 1957 for IDEALHEIM, Switzerland. Black wrinkle paint and chromed pole. Shade can be adjusted in angle and height. Measures 51 m high, shade 47-87 cm wide. Very good and original condition. SOLD

l_lp10 caccia dominioni azucena 1

Armchair lamp “LP01” by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, 1978 for AZUCENA, Italy. Brass and neck leather. Very good condition. SOLD

l_stl reggiani telescope 1

Telescope floor lamp by REGGIANI, Italy c.1965. Lighting sphere attached to the top by magnet, can be adjusted in angle. Measures 95 – 205 cm high. Good condition with some loss to the paint and signs of usage. SOLD

l_pl carlo nason mazzega 1

Small chandelier by Carlo Nason, c.1968 for MAZZEGA, Italy. Very rare color in light brown-grey. Murano glass in perfect condition. Original ceiling rose. Glass body measures 37 cm high and 27 cm in diameter. SOLD

l_sarfatti 586 arteluce 4

Table lamp “mod. 586” by Gino Sarfatti, 1962 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Polished aluminium sphere in good condition. Can be adjusted in angle. Measures 23 cm in diameter. SOLD

d_mirror modernist 2

Pair of modernist mirrors from Italy, ca. 1955. Frame in massive walnut in good condition. Right one measures 72 cm high, 50 cm wide / left one 68 cm high, 42 cm wide. SOLD

k_wegner chest ry teak oak 5

Chest of drawers “RY 16” by Hans J. Wegner, 1956 for RY MØBLER, Denmark. Teak and oak. Measures 100 cm wide x 72 cm high x 50 cm deep. Good condition. SOLD

l_tl stilux milano 7

Table lamp by STILUX, Italy c.1956. Black painted shade, acrylic disc, marble base. Patinated brass and signs of usage to the paint, little burn mark to the acrylic disc. Pole and shade adjustable in angle. SOLD

l_tl kuta magistretti oluce white 1

Table lamp “Kuta” by Vico Magistretti, 1979 for OLUCE, Italy. Black and white painted metal, marble base. Very good condition. Measures 60 cm high x 30 cm wide x 12 cm deep. SOLD

l_stl bogen coupe colombo oluce black 1

Large arc floor lamp “Coupé” by Joe Colombo, 1967 for OLUCE, Italy. Black painted and chromed metal. Rotating arc, rotating shade and adjustable in height (190-240 cm). SOLD

d_modernist mirror walnut 1

Modernist mirrors c.1955. Good condition with traces of usage. SOLD

l_stl snodo mazza quattrifolio 1

Floor lamp “Snodo” by Sergio Mazza, 1973 for QUATTRIFOLIO, Italy. White wrinkle paint, chromed pole. Rotating shade. Good condition. SOLD

t_ct severin hansen teak 1

Coffee table by Severin Hansen, 1960 for HASLEV, Denmark. Solid and veneered teak. Good condition with some marks of usage on the legs. Measures 150 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 48 cm high. SOLD

ss_grete jalk france daverkosen teak 1

Armchair “Mod. 118” by Grete Jack, c.1960 for FRANCE & SØN, Denmark. Solid teak wood and original green-blue wool upholstery. Very good condition. SOLD

t_at309 wegner tuck 1

Drop-leaf table “AT309” by Hans J. Wegner, 1952 for ANDREAS TUCK, Denmark. Cross legs in solid oak with brass trust base, table top in teak. Good and original condition. Measures 72 cm high x 88 cm deep x 228/178/128 cm wide. SOLD

k_clausen son palisander 1

Sideboard by CLAUSEN & SØN SILKEBØRG, Denmark, c.1960. Veneered and massive rosewood. Measures 210 cm wide x 70,5 cm high x 45 cm deep. Good condition. SOLD

ss_ax hvidt hansen 1

Armchair “AX” by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard Nielsen, 1948 for FRITZ HANSEN, Denmark. Double-curved laminated wood, beech and teak. Very good condition. SOLD

l_tl 243 ostuni oluce 1

Table lamp “243” by Angelo Ostuni and Renato Forti, 1953 for OLUCE, Italy. Painted and nickel plated brass. Shade rotates and can be adjusted in height. Very good condition. SOLD

l_tl rupert nikoll 1

Small table lamp made of bamboo and brass, c. 1955 attributed to Rupert Nikoll, Austria. Original and good condition. SOLD

l_tl tilche bilumen 1

Table lamp by Paolo Tilche, 1984 for BILUMEN, Italy. Very good condition. Measures 24 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm. SOLD

l_stl sarfatti 1055 arteluce 3

Floor lamp “1055” by Gino Sarfatti, 1955 for ARTELUCE, Italy. Very good condition, measures 188 cm high. SOLD

l_wl articulated fifties 1

Articulated wall lamp, c. 1960. Brass and light-blue painted shade. Very good, restored condition. SOLD

l_tl hala zeist grau 1

Table lamp by HALA ZEIST, Netherlands, c. 1964. Grey painted and nickel-plated metal. Very good condition. SOLD

l_tl tognon artemide 1

Table lamp “Dania” by Dario Tognon, 1968 for ARTEMIDE, Italy. White moulded aluminium. Good condition with few small scratches. Measures 42 cm high x 35 cm wide x 35 cm deep. SOLD